Thursday, November 27, 2014

Kanathoor Nalvar Bhoothasthanam

Venue: Kanathoor Nalvar Bhoothasthanam, Kasaragod
Location: Kasaragod
District: Kasaragod
Providing a platform for almost 400 theyyams to perform together Kanathoor Nalvar Bhoothasthanam is undoubtedly a must watch for all those who love the pomp and richness of Theyyam. Held in the month of December this prominent Theyyam festival of the Kanathoor village in Kasaragod stages the Theyyam of the mother deity as the leading one. The costumes and paintings of the body remind one of an outburst of colours. The visual beauty and the incessant music would transform the onlookers to a different level, almost trance-like state. 

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